Lighting Valley Solution # 001 Display Cabinet Lighting with LED Bulbs

Customer’s Question: Our customer, a retail store owner, needs lighting for display cabinets where she will display high quality handbags. She wants plenty of soft light yet minimal heat emission to eloquently display her product yet avoid the deterioration that high heat may cause to the bags constructed of natural materials, rich dies and prints.

Lighting Valley’s Answer: We recommended our customer install this sweet little baby of a bulb – It’s the PAR 20 Dimmable LED which draws only 7 watts yet provides lighting equivalent to that of a 45 watt incandescent! Characteristically, it emits virtually no heat and for the small amount of heat that is emitted, our manufacture has equipped this little baby with heat sensors of dense, high quality metal alloy. Problem solved! Note. . .and the great thing about this little baby is you can use it in 4 inch recessed cans at 120 volts. Want to know more about the technology, come down to see us for a demonstration. Our team consists of Senior Tech, Carlos, all around knowledgeable guy, Josue and friendly Sales Professional, Freda! Maybe we’ll post pics of us all sometime soon!

Dimmable 7 watt LED



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