Lighting Valley Solution: #002 Dimmable Tape Lighting

Customer’s Question: Our customer has 52 feet of 4.6 watt tape lights he wants to display on two adjacent walls. He wants the lights to be dimmable from one dimming source.

Lighting Valley’s Answer: Install 2 – 150 watt magnetic drivers which will work most efficiently with this magnetic lighting system (versus an electronic transformer). We’re using 2 drivers because the total wattage of the system is more than one driver at max 150 watts could safely and efficiently sustain. The result is smooth, even lighting at every dimming level.

Below, see pictures of these LED tape options – perfect solution for under cabinets or bars. Comes in warm white and soft white. Lays in a metal track or simply attach it, with its double sided tape feature, directly onto the surface of your structure. Available in 1.9 watts and 4.5 (both are dimmable with magnetic driver). . .Have fun with it! Be creative! . Find Lighting Valley and this jewel of a product at 2439 South Victoria, Ventura, CA 93003…805-642-2700,

LED Tape Light

LED Tape Light


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