Lighting Valley of Ventura rolls out the red carpet for you!

If you are not already aware, Lighting Valley of Ventura is open to anyone in the market for lighting products. .  .While we work closely with electricians, builders, landscapers, designers, architects. . .we are open to the general public.

Lighting Valley Ventura works very closely with top contractors in the area. We are very serious about doing what we can from the supplier side to support them in their specialize. We demonstrate this commitment through our on-going purchasing incentive programs as well as monthly specials exclusively for contractors.

The store located at 2439 South Victoria Avenue is a great place for not only learning more about the available products now on the market but is also the perfect place to network! Come to our store and there in the center you’ll find a rounder where we welcome contractors to place their business cards. Once we’ve become acquainted, contractors can expect to even receive a few leads from us on job opportunities.

We welcome anyone looking for lighting fixtures, bulbs and installation materials. Find us  in our showroom at the corner of Valentine and Victoria in Ventura and if you happen to be outside of the local area, no problem. Just give a call to 805-642-2700. We’ll consult over the telephone and ship product to you same day!

If you’ve not yet ventured in, please do…give us a try. Inside, you’ll find a wide selection of LED bulbs and florescents as well as the more traditionally used incandescents. You’ll find LED tape lights, LED rope lights, dimmers, switches, drivers, transformers, retrofit units, wiring, top of the line landscape fixtures, well lights and much, much more.

If you’ve got a project and need someone to bounce a few ideas off of, come in to chat and consider a few of our product options. OR learn about options available for reducing your energy usage and costs. Some of our customers changing over to LEDs have been able to slash their lighting bill by as much as 50%! .  .


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