Lighting Valley Case #003: Choosing the right uplight

Customer’s Question: One of our customers, an electrical contractor, working closely with his customer, a Ventura, California homeowner, to design and develop a comfortable backyard landscape comes to us for uplighting solutions for three tall trees. The scape, featuring lighted pathways, various textures of greenery and perfectly situated seating for full view and enjoyment is designed to be a backyard “dream space”.

The homeowner has chosen to make a trio of tall trees, including a Coral and Bamboos, the key focal points of her design. She’s carefully groomed these natural beauties and from them hangs high-end, handcrafted, designer replicas of Macaws making for a colorfully beautiful effect!

For the finishing touches, the homeowner wants to illuminate her trees with the right kind of uplight. She specifically wants plenty of soft toned light to extend vertically up enough to show the full beauty of the tree (including her special decor – the colorful birds).

Previously she’s installed a few lights (from a source other than Lighting Vally) much to her disappointment! The up-throw of these lights is too short and the lighting effect is too dim to achieve her desired effect. .

No worries. Lighting Valley comes to the rescue with the right fixture and bulb! . . .Here’s how. .

Lighting Valley’s Solution: We first take a look at a sweet little fixture we call the LV19 from one of our top landscape lighting lines known as “BQL” (Best Quality Lighting). BQL is constructed of heavy, die cast brass with a special finishing process making it durable against moist, salty ocean air such as that of this customer’s landscape location (Ventura County, California).

The matching bulb for the LV19 is our MR16 LED – a 3 watt LED with light equivalent to a 20 watt incandescent. This bulb emits a warm white light at 3000 kelvins on a 12 volt system and is carefully heat synced for highest efficacy and to further extend its already comparatively long lifetime of 50,000 hours (versus 1000 hours of an incandescent). This little gem emits virtually no heat!

Color and design-wise. . . The particular style chosen for this project is one of strait, clean lines and the color, a Verde green patina (these fixtures come in three finishes including antique spun bronze, silver and Verde green chose here to accent traditional garden landscape idea).

While the the LV19 and its matching bulb would have no problem doing the job at hand, the electrician suggests going with the next larger (longer) fixture (the LV20) in order to use our larger and brighter 6 watt MR16 LED….just to be certain his customer;s very tall trees get all the illumination desired. All the rest of the qualities of the 6 watt are the same as it’s smaller,  3 watt cousin including the fact that it is a huge energy saver and both come with a 5 year warranty! These lights are known for having consistently good quality, even light – a point I mention because one of the constant complaints we hear about other LED lines is that the lighting quality and brightness tend to be glaringly inconsistent when many lights are displayed together like would be in a ling of path lights.

One of the reasons Lighting Valley’s LED bulbs’ have come to be known for good quality and consistency is that our manufacturer is careful to select and use only the highest quality lead and, the bulbs are heat synced with the highest quality, metal alloys.

With the 6 watt and the choice of the longer fixture, the up throw will be even more extensive and the light even brighter (equivalent to that of a 35 watt incandescent).

The result of this installation is a nice, soft uplight extending nearly the full height of the tree. The fixture’s concave lens and angle cut at the light opening, shines light up AND gently sprays it outward as well without losing its concentrated linear vertical effect. Also, the lens and other parts of the fixture are designed to protect against deterioration from moisture getting into the circuitry and bulb and each fixture comes conveniently equipped with a ground stake.

Our result. . .three beautifully illuminated trees each with its own Macaw perfectly perched to create that touch of magic the homeowner had in mind! Problem solved! The homeowner and her electrician are happy! . . .So happy that the homeowner returns the following day to purchase more fixtures and bulbs to round out the rest of her landscape.

BQL offers a life-time warranty on its die cast brass items and is popular for high-end projects where quality is important. Because of a great arrangement with our manufacturer, we are able to offer these items wholesale and retail at knock-out prices!

Thing is. . .we never really have to sell or say a word to cause a purchase to happen once the customer holds and examines one of these in hand to feel the weight and examine the finish. . . .But don’t take our blog word for it. Come see for yourself. See images of these items below.

Find us at 2439 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura, CA 93003,, 805-624-2700.

BQL LV19      MR16 3 watt LED           BQL LV20         MR16 6 watt LED



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