Lighting Valley Case #004: Photocell for Decorative Outdoor Sconce

Customer’s Question: Customer is replacing a decorative outdoor sconce that is also used as a safety light to illuminate the walkway to a door. While some sconces to come with an installed photocell, the particular he’s chosen does not and he does not want to alter the style, the lines, the beautiful finish of the fixture by installing a photocell directly onto it. What are his options?

Lighting Valley Ventura’s Solution: Store Manager, Carlos, steps right up to the plate with the answer. . .Simply have your electrician install a photocell in a place hidden away from the fixture where there is exposure to sufficient light and attached to the fixture by the proper wiring. Problem solved!

Classic Transglobe Wall Sconce and Intermatic stem mount (with swivel) Photocell (designed for 120 Volt system)

Lighting Valley Ventura invites you to visit, look, learn and consider becoming our valued customer. We proudly work closely with  contractors (Builders, Electricians and Landscape Professionals) to ensure they have all needed to serve their valued customers. Find us at:
 2439 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura, CA 93003,, 805-642-2700


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