Marketing Tips for Contractors

Increasingly, I’m hearing from contractors about how they are having to re-work their traditionally held ideas about marketing. Some who’d previously been able to stay busy on referral business alone are now  having to proactively reach out into the market for business and be open to new ways to land new projects. Some, who’d never considered internet marketing and social media as possible tools for finding new customers are beginning to explore these options as well.

With so many options availble, where do you start? Following are a few links to pros who consult, mentor, teach and train small business owners on where to spend marketing time, energy and dollars. You might find some helpful information in some of their content.

Darren Slaughter was once a Contractor himself and so his marketing assistance is informed by hands-on, out in the field experience. Darren has been prolific in production of Youtube Videos offering some basic, simple tips for boosting business. I’. Check Darren’s ideas out starting here —–>>>

Next there is speaker, book writer and business developer, Tom Egelhoff. Check out this link where he discusses maketing ideas specific to the world of contractng  ——>>>>

Where budgeting is a concern, Matthew Moran’s ideas on low cost/no cost tools may be a help. While Matt is not exclusively specialized in the Contracting industry, his concepts seem quite transferable across industries>>>

I hope you find something of good use from the information presented by these three and please do share ideas you find here on our blog in comments.

Lighting Valley Ventura is committed to supporting the Contractor community. Please feel free to provide us with your input AND we welcome your visit to our showroom. Find us at. . .

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Thanks for taking the time to read our materials and hope to see you soon!


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