Ideas on Marketing Your Contracted Services

Time and time again, from the vantage point of being a wholesale lighting supplier to designers, builders, repair and maintenance professionals and others, we meet those who’ve placed internet marketing of their business on their “to-do” list yet, for one reason or another, have not gotten around to it.

This blog is just one of the ways Ligthting Valley, Ventura is spreading the word about what we have to offer which is a comprehensive range of wholesale lighting fixtures, bulbs and installation supplies. How about your business? Have you considered the internet for increasing visibility?

In addition to this blog site, you’ll find us on facebook with a facebook business page, registerd on major search engines’ local maps such as Google Places, listed on various business directories and our reps particfipating in Linkedin discussions on subjects of landscaping, building, lighting etc.. Of course, we also maintain a company website at

Customers are finding us and responding to us via these places. However, it is important to know that growing a sizeable following does take time and consistency. When we are found, it is up to us to engage prospective customers and convert them over to  actually being our own loyal customer who’ll rave about us, recommend us to others and forward business leads our way.

This brief writing is to share some insights with those who’ve been contemplating taking their business to the ‘net but have yet to take the leap.

Here’s the thing. Internet marketing is the modern way to market services. Fewer and fewer people are searching for goods and services in hard-copy telephone books. Millions daily are on the ‘net searching, finding and recommending service and product providers. New directories where businesses can be registered for free are popping up onto the internet daily. More and more customers and businesses are joining social media platforms and finding ways to engage prospective customers to the point of building a solid fan-base on the ‘net.

Again, be prepared to exercise patience and to consistently put in the work (or have someone who will do it for you if you know you will not keep it up once started). Gaining trust and respect from internet presence as a thought leader and “go to” professional in your given field of expertise happens over continued contact with prospective customers. . .just as is the case with marketing outside the internet.

Like anything else, if you’re going to the ‘net with your business, the idea is to start somewhere. Find those platforms which seem most fitting for your type of service – where you are most likely to be speaking to your target audience or to be networking with those who might be positioned to recommend you and/or send referrals your way.

Through the use of key word searching, you’ll find many answers on the subject across the internet so you might want to start your own exploration to determine what tools are right for your needs. For example, check out this writer’s ideas for a few tips on getting started expanding your marketing to include various internet platforms and tools.  . .

. . .and please do share your findings. As I’ve stated in previous posts, this blog site is to be a place for Contractors, Electricians, Landscapers, Designers, Architcts to find information helpful on not only our products but establishing, operating and expalnding business.

Feel free to give us your feedback letting us know how we’re doing. AND, please don’t forget, when you’re in the area, please don’t forget to visit us at 2439 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura, CA 93003. Call 805-642-2700 and/or leave your comment in the comments section below.

Thanks for visiting our site. Hope to see you regularly!

Freda, Area Rep


The Role of a Wholesale Lighting Supply Rep

This brief article to clarify my role as a wholesale lighting supply rep. . .

From time to time the question comes up. Who is the target audience in wholesale lighting supply and what should be the role of the wholesale supplier. Here’s my answer, in short.

We proudly promote our brand, Lighting Valley, Inc. to the world yet our target audience for selling our product is the licensed contractor. c – Builder, Electrical and Landscape professional. While this does not mean we would turn away the most important end-user, our prospecting is toward planning, design and installation specialists..

We serve this community of professionals from behind the scenes of their work by providing fixtures, bulbs, installation materials and helpful information on installation and products where and when they need these supplies.

Contractors receive our competitive wholesale pricing and plenty of purchasing incentives for several good business reasons including. . .

  • Contractors do plenty of work in sourcing, finding, pricing and traveling distances to research, examine, test and pick-up product. This means that by the time they are performing the installation labor, they’ve invested plenty including time, gas and money toward completing the project.
  • As should be the case, the market pays for the contractors application of knowledge, experience and expertise in determining the right product and application for a given job. Our competitive wholesale pricing helps to recognize and credit them for the skill and knowledge they put forth to ensure excellent results for the end user. Additionally, our pricing is designed to help the contractor remain competitive in pricing to the end user – giving the contractor room to set a fair margin for his own business while remaining “price friendly” with his customer. We carefully stay out of the discussion between the end-user and the contractor while still providing all the support needed to make it all happen so that everybody wins!
  • Our buying incentives hopefully encourage the contractor to become our loyal customer so that we grow increasingly familiar with his or her style and method of working. Through partnering continuity, maximum process efficiency can be achieved in stocking, ordering and timely delivery. Basically, the longer people work together, the better at working together they can become. This includes suppliers and contractors.

It is our overall objective to help promote the work of the contractor and facilitate his efforts so that for the end user, his results are excellent!

One fun way we support contractors is helping provide on-line exposure, through this very blog site.  We share some of the good work they perform on a daily basis – nothing fancy or complicated, just a few tips and solutions here and there. Check these out. . . .(no names are attached to these but we will begin doing so going forward).

If you are an end-user (business owner or homeowner), you’ll hopefully gain some knowledge and pick up a few ideas for serving your lighting needs from our posts. When you do and are ready to get the work done, we highly recommend that you reach out to the licensed contractor of your careful choosing for consultation and service. This way your work can be accomplished in a safe, professional manner by an expert specially trained to do the work AND we all help to keep industry standards for product and installation at the highest levels to the benefit of the whole community.

Thanks for visiting our blog. We welcome your feedback and input as it helps us to grow Lighting Valley in the right direction. You are invited to call, email, visit and be a part of what we do.

Freda Ramey, Lighting Valley, Inc. Rep. . .Find us at . . .

LIghting Valley, Inc, 2439 South Victoria, Ventura, CA 93003,, 805-642-2700 or call me direct at 805-612-3181

Friendly Competition – Helpful Cooperation in a Small Townish Community

Growing up, I can remember the old timers in business. . .how they worked together even when Mr. Jones and Mr. Johnson were selling the same type products right across the road from each other. Those were the times when you dare not pass Mrs. Rose without taking the time to greet and ask about her kids and grand-kids, and by the end of the conversation you’d been invited to her home to get a taste of her new pecan pie recipe.

Many towns have grown away from this type of small town mentality, yet a few seem to still have a bit of that local, small town flavor. . .

In January 2012, Lighting Valley, Inc opened its doors for the first time in Ventura at a very well know intersection (Valentine Road and Victoria Avenue). Simply mention the intersection to anybody around this fun little town (especially if you say right across from Salzer’s records on one side and the Shell Gas station on the other) and folks know exactly what you are talking about. It’s a nice feeling that puts me in the mind of growing up in the rural south where road names were from the family name of a farm located on that road.

Like many towns across the U.S., Ventura has grown up to  have its own small husle and bustle. Still, it has maintained some of that old fashioned, small town flavor and this can be a good thing for business. You see, on a regular basis, as a Sales and Marketing Rep for Lighting Valley, I greet customers who’ve been sent to us from other lighting supply stores which happen to not have on-hand what the customer needs at the time AND likewise, on a regular basis, Lighting Valley refers customers to neighboring stores for products we don’t carry or have on-hand at the time. Some of our neighbors include Lamps Plus, Diversity Lighting, Variety Lighting, CED Electric. . .and then there are the various irrigation supply stores and building supply companies that might carry some lighting product in their inventory. What I’ve witnessed is that together, we’re able and do put the customer first. Sure stores compete for customer loyalty but as a general rule, based on what I’ve seen, we don’t compete to the extent that the customer loses and this is exactly how it should be!

Here in Ventura, it is proven that friendly competition and helpful cooperation can co-exist! Thanks Buena Ventura, California for being such a neighborly place to do business.

And thank you for visiting my blog. Please don’t forget, for fixtures and bulbs on your next installation or repair project, if you are an end user, (homeowner, business owner) send your contractor to check out what we have to offer and if you are a contractor, please know, we are here to do what we can to help you get the job done and done well! Find us (Carlos, Josua and Freda) 5 days a week, Monday through Friday at . .

2439 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura, CA 93003 or contact us at 805-642-2700,

Or call me directly at 805-612-3181