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Special End of Summer Sale for Electricians

Electricians, the end of summer is here and what better time to take advantage of sales as you wrap up a few projects and plan for the next.

With the idea of helping you, the Electrician, be well prepared for your next jobs as well as have all you’ll need complete your current projects, Lighting Valley has set aside a few key items for special pricing.

Come visit us at Lighting Valley, 2439 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura, CA for your special “Electrician Friendly” deals!  Items are . . .

Recessed cans and all the fixins’ you’ll need to get the job done right including. . .

IC Rated Cans with built in electronic transformer PLUS matching 45 degree trim AND a FREE MR 16 35 Watt Halogen!

New Construction Recessed Can PLUS matching 90 degree trim AND a FREE MR16 Halogen

Feel free to call or email at 805-642-2700 or lightingvalley@gmail.com

Landscapers’ Special on Aluminum Fixtures and LED Bulbs!

Lighting Valley of Ventura is running a hot, hot end of summer special

especially for Landscapers!

LED, short for Light Emitting Diodes is fast becoming the preferred lighting option for energy and cost savings.

Where other types of bulbs spend much of the energy they draw emitting heat, the LED efficiently puts its energy into light (emitting almost no heat) – hence, this means big savings for the user!

Landscapers, don’t miss out. Come take advantage of this opportunity to pick-up fixtures and quality LED bulbs at nice sale prices!

Find us at Lighting Valley, 2439 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura, CA, 805-642-2700

This is a limited time offer. . .so stop in soon to discuss the special, wholesale pricing we’ve established especially for landscapers!. . .NOW, here are the hot items that are going fast! . . .

Step-light with matching LED Wedge Base Bulb

Decorative Path-Light with matching LED Single Contact Bulb

Up-light with ground post and matching LED MR11

Landscape Lighting LIne Winning Popularity

If you’re considering incorporating lighting into your landscape design, you may want to take a look at BQL (Best Quality Lighting).. This particular line carried by Lighting Valley, Inc. has become quite popular with landscape professionals for several of its key features including. . ..

  • Its durability. . .BQL is made of high quality, solid die-cast brass This is weighty material that essentially sells itself once held in hand.
  • Its Protective design features. . .Incorporated into the design of BQL fixtures are various features for protection against weather elements. The heavy die cast brass is specially finished after construction to make it fully durable against harsh environments including ocean-sides where the air is moist and salty. Also, for example, the bulb housings on BQL up-lights are designed to protect the bulb and wiring from water entering and damaging the bulb and circuitry.
  • Choice of finishes. The fixtures come in a variety of finishes including silver, antique bronze or green Verde patina.
  • Style. . .The styles are classic versus trendy so that they need not be changed out in a few years for being dated. The style designs are of clean simple curves or straight lines depending on the intended feel of the landscape.
  • If preferred, energy saving LED bulbs can be used in BQL fixtures. The manufacturer offers a full line of LEDs to fit.
  • Path and up-lights come equipped with ground stakes.
  • The manufacturer offers a life time “no questions asked” warranty, and to some who may be concerned about whether the company will be around over the long haul, reps point out that BQL has been a trusted manufacturer for more than a decade and since the beginning has continued to steadily expand its brand reach across regions.
  • Same day shipping
  • FREE shipping for orders $1500 and more
  •  Prices are comparatively low considering the higher quality level of the product.
  • The BQL warehouse is kept well stocked (virtually never a back order).

For more information about the BQL landscape lighting line, contact us by phone or email at 805-642-2700, lightingvalley@gmail.com or visit our showroom where we’ll place one of these fixtures in your hands for you to examine yourself. Find us at 2439 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura, CA 93003 7:30 to 5:00 Monday through Friday.

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Daily updates from Lighting Valley

Over the coming months, we intend to provide you with all sorts of helpful information about lighting; to answer the many questions people are asking about energy efficient LED Bulbs and fixtures. Feel free to chime in with your own comments or questions and if you really want to participate, then come on down to Lighting Valley, Inc in Ventura for a visit to our showroom….2439 South Victoria, Ventura, CA 93003.

This writing will not be overly technical…just plain, simple talk about lighting. Too technical, for me, can mean boring. Sorry techies now there, I had to say it. We’ll be getting our questions directly form our customers coming in one by one, daily to present their lighting challenges and even offering us a few solutions of their own.

Our customer profiles are diverse. . .homeowners, electricians, general contractors, handymen and women, interior designers, architects, landscapers and designers, cabinet makers, boaters, building maintenance managers. . .basically anyone using lighting in their living and working spaces or as a part of products or spaces they are creating for someone else.

Again, feel free to respond with any of your own questions and/or suggestions for how we can make this blog series helpful and engaging for you.

Freda, Area Lighting Valley, Inc. Rep/Ventura County, CA