Landscapers’ Special on Aluminum Fixtures and LED Bulbs!

Lighting Valley of Ventura is running a hot, hot end of summer special

especially for Landscapers!

LED, short for Light Emitting Diodes is fast becoming the preferred lighting option for energy and cost savings.

Where other types of bulbs spend much of the energy they draw emitting heat, the LED efficiently puts its energy into light (emitting almost no heat) – hence, this means big savings for the user!

Landscapers, don’t miss out. Come take advantage of this opportunity to pick-up fixtures and quality LED bulbs at nice sale prices!

Find us at Lighting Valley, 2439 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura, CA, 805-642-2700

This is a limited time offer. . .so stop in soon to discuss the special, wholesale pricing we’ve established especially for landscapers!. . .NOW, here are the hot items that are going fast! . . .

Step-light with matching LED Wedge Base Bulb

Decorative Path-Light with matching LED Single Contact Bulb

Up-light with ground post and matching LED MR11


The Role of a Wholesale Lighting Supply Rep

This brief article to clarify my role as a wholesale lighting supply rep. . .

From time to time the question comes up. Who is the target audience in wholesale lighting supply and what should be the role of the wholesale supplier. Here’s my answer, in short.

We proudly promote our brand, Lighting Valley, Inc. to the world yet our target audience for selling our product is the licensed contractor. c – Builder, Electrical and Landscape professional. While this does not mean we would turn away the most important end-user, our prospecting is toward planning, design and installation specialists..

We serve this community of professionals from behind the scenes of their work by providing fixtures, bulbs, installation materials and helpful information on installation and products where and when they need these supplies.

Contractors receive our competitive wholesale pricing and plenty of purchasing incentives for several good business reasons including. . .

  • Contractors do plenty of work in sourcing, finding, pricing and traveling distances to research, examine, test and pick-up product. This means that by the time they are performing the installation labor, they’ve invested plenty including time, gas and money toward completing the project.
  • As should be the case, the market pays for the contractors application of knowledge, experience and expertise in determining the right product and application for a given job. Our competitive wholesale pricing helps to recognize and credit them for the skill and knowledge they put forth to ensure excellent results for the end user. Additionally, our pricing is designed to help the contractor remain competitive in pricing to the end user – giving the contractor room to set a fair margin for his own business while remaining “price friendly” with his customer. We carefully stay out of the discussion between the end-user and the contractor while still providing all the support needed to make it all happen so that everybody wins!
  • Our buying incentives hopefully encourage the contractor to become our loyal customer so that we grow increasingly familiar with his or her style and method of working. Through partnering continuity, maximum process efficiency can be achieved in stocking, ordering and timely delivery. Basically, the longer people work together, the better at working together they can become. This includes suppliers and contractors.

It is our overall objective to help promote the work of the contractor and facilitate his efforts so that for the end user, his results are excellent!

One fun way we support contractors is helping provide on-line exposure, through this very blog site.  We share some of the good work they perform on a daily basis – nothing fancy or complicated, just a few tips and solutions here and there. Check these out. . . .(no names are attached to these but we will begin doing so going forward).

If you are an end-user (business owner or homeowner), you’ll hopefully gain some knowledge and pick up a few ideas for serving your lighting needs from our posts. When you do and are ready to get the work done, we highly recommend that you reach out to the licensed contractor of your careful choosing for consultation and service. This way your work can be accomplished in a safe, professional manner by an expert specially trained to do the work AND we all help to keep industry standards for product and installation at the highest levels to the benefit of the whole community.

Thanks for visiting our blog. We welcome your feedback and input as it helps us to grow Lighting Valley in the right direction. You are invited to call, email, visit and be a part of what we do.

Freda Ramey, Lighting Valley, Inc. Rep. . .Find us at . . .

LIghting Valley, Inc, 2439 South Victoria, Ventura, CA 93003,, 805-642-2700 or call me direct at 805-612-3181

Friendly Competition – Helpful Cooperation in a Small Townish Community

Growing up, I can remember the old timers in business. . .how they worked together even when Mr. Jones and Mr. Johnson were selling the same type products right across the road from each other. Those were the times when you dare not pass Mrs. Rose without taking the time to greet and ask about her kids and grand-kids, and by the end of the conversation you’d been invited to her home to get a taste of her new pecan pie recipe.

Many towns have grown away from this type of small town mentality, yet a few seem to still have a bit of that local, small town flavor. . .

In January 2012, Lighting Valley, Inc opened its doors for the first time in Ventura at a very well know intersection (Valentine Road and Victoria Avenue). Simply mention the intersection to anybody around this fun little town (especially if you say right across from Salzer’s records on one side and the Shell Gas station on the other) and folks know exactly what you are talking about. It’s a nice feeling that puts me in the mind of growing up in the rural south where road names were from the family name of a farm located on that road.

Like many towns across the U.S., Ventura has grown up to  have its own small husle and bustle. Still, it has maintained some of that old fashioned, small town flavor and this can be a good thing for business. You see, on a regular basis, as a Sales and Marketing Rep for Lighting Valley, I greet customers who’ve been sent to us from other lighting supply stores which happen to not have on-hand what the customer needs at the time AND likewise, on a regular basis, Lighting Valley refers customers to neighboring stores for products we don’t carry or have on-hand at the time. Some of our neighbors include Lamps Plus, Diversity Lighting, Variety Lighting, CED Electric. . .and then there are the various irrigation supply stores and building supply companies that might carry some lighting product in their inventory. What I’ve witnessed is that together, we’re able and do put the customer first. Sure stores compete for customer loyalty but as a general rule, based on what I’ve seen, we don’t compete to the extent that the customer loses and this is exactly how it should be!

Here in Ventura, it is proven that friendly competition and helpful cooperation can co-exist! Thanks Buena Ventura, California for being such a neighborly place to do business.

And thank you for visiting my blog. Please don’t forget, for fixtures and bulbs on your next installation or repair project, if you are an end user, (homeowner, business owner) send your contractor to check out what we have to offer and if you are a contractor, please know, we are here to do what we can to help you get the job done and done well! Find us (Carlos, Josua and Freda) 5 days a week, Monday through Friday at . .

2439 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura, CA 93003 or contact us at 805-642-2700,

Or call me directly at 805-612-3181

Marketing Tips for Contractors

Increasingly, I’m hearing from contractors about how they are having to re-work their traditionally held ideas about marketing. Some who’d previously been able to stay busy on referral business alone are now  having to proactively reach out into the market for business and be open to new ways to land new projects. Some, who’d never considered internet marketing and social media as possible tools for finding new customers are beginning to explore these options as well.

With so many options availble, where do you start? Following are a few links to pros who consult, mentor, teach and train small business owners on where to spend marketing time, energy and dollars. You might find some helpful information in some of their content.

Darren Slaughter was once a Contractor himself and so his marketing assistance is informed by hands-on, out in the field experience. Darren has been prolific in production of Youtube Videos offering some basic, simple tips for boosting business. I’. Check Darren’s ideas out starting here —–>>>

Next there is speaker, book writer and business developer, Tom Egelhoff. Check out this link where he discusses maketing ideas specific to the world of contractng  ——>>>>

Where budgeting is a concern, Matthew Moran’s ideas on low cost/no cost tools may be a help. While Matt is not exclusively specialized in the Contracting industry, his concepts seem quite transferable across industries>>>

I hope you find something of good use from the information presented by these three and please do share ideas you find here on our blog in comments.

Lighting Valley Ventura is committed to supporting the Contractor community. Please feel free to provide us with your input AND we welcome your visit to our showroom. Find us at. . .

2439 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura, CA 93003,, 805-642-2700 or contact Area Rep, Freda Ramey directly at 805-612-3181

Thanks for taking the time to read our materials and hope to see you soon!

Lighting Valley Case #004: Photocell for Decorative Outdoor Sconce

Customer’s Question: Customer is replacing a decorative outdoor sconce that is also used as a safety light to illuminate the walkway to a door. While some sconces to come with an installed photocell, the particular he’s chosen does not and he does not want to alter the style, the lines, the beautiful finish of the fixture by installing a photocell directly onto it. What are his options?

Lighting Valley Ventura’s Solution: Store Manager, Carlos, steps right up to the plate with the answer. . .Simply have your electrician install a photocell in a place hidden away from the fixture where there is exposure to sufficient light and attached to the fixture by the proper wiring. Problem solved!

Classic Transglobe Wall Sconce and Intermatic stem mount (with swivel) Photocell (designed for 120 Volt system)

Lighting Valley Ventura invites you to visit, look, learn and consider becoming our valued customer. We proudly work closely with  contractors (Builders, Electricians and Landscape Professionals) to ensure they have all needed to serve their valued customers. Find us at:
 2439 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura, CA 93003,, 805-642-2700

California’s Title 24 Lighting Requirements

Title 24 as it pertains to outdoor, wall mounted lighting. O.k. . .let’s break it down.

The rules, adopted October 1, 2005 by California’s Energy Commission, are intended to reduce California’s energy consumption and costs and apparently has been working. According to a representative at the Energy Commission office, the regulations have resulted in savings of more than 60 billion for the State.

The rules are speaking to anyone designing, specifying, installing or inspecting lighting installations in new and remodeled homes in the State of California.

What do the rules say? While Title 24 comprehensively addresses residential lighting including interior and parking lot lighting, the focus of my short summary is  exterior building mounted lights.

Title 24 mandates that lighting permanently mounted onto the outside of a residential building or other buildings on the same lot must be of “high efficacy” with the following two exceptions.

  1. If NOT high efficacy, but low efficacy lighting is being installed, then it must be controlled by a manual on/of switch AND a motion sensor AND one of the following.
    1. Photo control (photocell) without an override or bypass switch.
    2. Astronomical time clock without an override or bypass switch.
    3. Energy management control system without an override or bypass switch.


The motion sensor must be timed to automatically turn the light off within 30 minutes of its being triggered on.

Next exception to the rule. . .

2. Lights around swimming pools, water features and certain other locations referenced in the California Electric Code do not have to be “high efficacy”.

What does “high efficacy” mean? Well, as government writing tends to go, the official definition is not the most exciting read but is detailed and somewhat complicated. In short, “high efficacy” means the light is energy efficient. . .

It’s lighting that puts out a certain minimum lumens (visible light) per watt. Following is a relatively simple to follow guide provided by a commissioned energy research team at UC Davis which might help understanding.

Less than 15 watts requires 40 lumens/watt; 15 to 40 watts-50 lumens; more than 40 watts-60 lumens; note: balast wattage is not included when determining lamp efficiency.

So. . .which types of lamps should be considered when looking for “high efficacy”?. . .Per the UC Davis team, generally on the side of compliance would be.

  • fluorescent and CFL fixtures WITH electronic ballasts
  • fixtures with HID lamps

On the NOT compliant side would generally be

  • incandescent socket fixtures regardless of the lamp installed (so crafty conversions won’t work).
  • magnetic ballasts fluorescent and CFL fixtures.

While certain labels such as “Energystar” or “Title 24 Compliant” may be some indication that the lamp meets “high efficacy” standards, the Commission requires that the lamp past muster on its own merits independent of labeling because the label is not a fail proof indicator of compliance.

Regarding the low efficacy exception, skilled, experienced electricians are develoiping adaptations using products readily available in the market to meet requirements. Alternatively, installers may choose to go with a new product specifically designed for Title 24 compliance.

While some manufacturers have gotten on board producing their own version of the low efficacy combo unit alternative, many are still in the research and planning stages of new product development and roll-out and others are turning their attention to the industry’s advancements on the high efficacy side of the lighting equation, hence….LED bulbs and matching fixtures.

If you’d like to witness up close, some outdoor, wall mounted, high efficacy utility lighting, you might want to stop in to see our special line of high powered yet low watt utility LEDs (pictures below). Your jaw will drop when you see how powerful these babies are. They emit warehouse level lighting at low, low watts.

     50 watts = 350 watts           30 watts = 200 watts       10 watts = 75 watts           
11 3/8 x 9 1/4, 6 1/2 deep             9 x 7 1/2, 6 deep        4/12 x 3 1/2, 4 1/2 deep

Thanks for taking a moment to read this post. Hopefully it adds to your understanding of Title 24. Feel free to leave your comments or questions or we’ll see you in person at 2439 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura, CA 93030 for a chat and utility light demonstration.

Freda Ramey, Area Rep
805-642-2700, 805-612-3181,

Landscape Lighting LIne Winning Popularity

If you’re considering incorporating lighting into your landscape design, you may want to take a look at BQL (Best Quality Lighting).. This particular line carried by Lighting Valley, Inc. has become quite popular with landscape professionals for several of its key features including. . ..

  • Its durability. . .BQL is made of high quality, solid die-cast brass This is weighty material that essentially sells itself once held in hand.
  • Its Protective design features. . .Incorporated into the design of BQL fixtures are various features for protection against weather elements. The heavy die cast brass is specially finished after construction to make it fully durable against harsh environments including ocean-sides where the air is moist and salty. Also, for example, the bulb housings on BQL up-lights are designed to protect the bulb and wiring from water entering and damaging the bulb and circuitry.
  • Choice of finishes. The fixtures come in a variety of finishes including silver, antique bronze or green Verde patina.
  • Style. . .The styles are classic versus trendy so that they need not be changed out in a few years for being dated. The style designs are of clean simple curves or straight lines depending on the intended feel of the landscape.
  • If preferred, energy saving LED bulbs can be used in BQL fixtures. The manufacturer offers a full line of LEDs to fit.
  • Path and up-lights come equipped with ground stakes.
  • The manufacturer offers a life time “no questions asked” warranty, and to some who may be concerned about whether the company will be around over the long haul, reps point out that BQL has been a trusted manufacturer for more than a decade and since the beginning has continued to steadily expand its brand reach across regions.
  • Same day shipping
  • FREE shipping for orders $1500 and more
  •  Prices are comparatively low considering the higher quality level of the product.
  • The BQL warehouse is kept well stocked (virtually never a back order).

For more information about the BQL landscape lighting line, contact us by phone or email at 805-642-2700, or visit our showroom where we’ll place one of these fixtures in your hands for you to examine yourself. Find us at 2439 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura, CA 93003 7:30 to 5:00 Monday through Friday.

. .