Spring Blowout on the BQ5 Uplight! Call to find out how low the price! 805 642 2700

Lighting Valley store managers just received word to go froward with this great deal!

We have an overstock of BQ5s in the warehouse and have decided to substantially reduce the price of these little gems for a couple of good reasons!

1. We do this kind of thing from time to time as a “thank-you” incentive to our customers, 2. We’re making room for new product demands for Spring-Time projects.

The sale is on now!.. So don’t miss out! Sale prices are based on quantity. Contractors, bring your business card, contractors license or resale permit for wholesale pricing.

Come one, come all… whether your are a retail or a wholesale customer, these are nearly give-away prices!

Be among the first to get in on the deal… Call 805 642 2700 or email lightingvalley@gmail.com to hear how low we’ve dropped the price on the BQ5 in celebration of Spring!

Spring has sprung and we're doing deals!

BQL5 – die cast aluminum up-light … at the right price!


The Role of a Wholesale Lighting Supply Rep

This brief article to clarify my role as a wholesale lighting supply rep. . .

From time to time the question comes up. Who is the target audience in wholesale lighting supply and what should be the role of the wholesale supplier. Here’s my answer, in short.

We proudly promote our brand, Lighting Valley, Inc. to the world yet our target audience for selling our product is the licensed contractor. c – Builder, Electrical and Landscape professional. While this does not mean we would turn away the most important end-user, our prospecting is toward planning, design and installation specialists..

We serve this community of professionals from behind the scenes of their work by providing fixtures, bulbs, installation materials and helpful information on installation and products where and when they need these supplies.

Contractors receive our competitive wholesale pricing and plenty of purchasing incentives for several good business reasons including. . .

  • Contractors do plenty of work in sourcing, finding, pricing and traveling distances to research, examine, test and pick-up product. This means that by the time they are performing the installation labor, they’ve invested plenty including time, gas and money toward completing the project.
  • As should be the case, the market pays for the contractors application of knowledge, experience and expertise in determining the right product and application for a given job. Our competitive wholesale pricing helps to recognize and credit them for the skill and knowledge they put forth to ensure excellent results for the end user. Additionally, our pricing is designed to help the contractor remain competitive in pricing to the end user – giving the contractor room to set a fair margin for his own business while remaining “price friendly” with his customer. We carefully stay out of the discussion between the end-user and the contractor while still providing all the support needed to make it all happen so that everybody wins!
  • Our buying incentives hopefully encourage the contractor to become our loyal customer so that we grow increasingly familiar with his or her style and method of working. Through partnering continuity, maximum process efficiency can be achieved in stocking, ordering and timely delivery. Basically, the longer people work together, the better at working together they can become. This includes suppliers and contractors.

It is our overall objective to help promote the work of the contractor and facilitate his efforts so that for the end user, his results are excellent!

One fun way we support contractors is helping provide on-line exposure, through this very blog site.  We share some of the good work they perform on a daily basis – nothing fancy or complicated, just a few tips and solutions here and there. Check these out. . . .(no names are attached to these but we will begin doing so going forward).

If you are an end-user (business owner or homeowner), you’ll hopefully gain some knowledge and pick up a few ideas for serving your lighting needs from our posts. When you do and are ready to get the work done, we highly recommend that you reach out to the licensed contractor of your careful choosing for consultation and service. This way your work can be accomplished in a safe, professional manner by an expert specially trained to do the work AND we all help to keep industry standards for product and installation at the highest levels to the benefit of the whole community.

Thanks for visiting our blog. We welcome your feedback and input as it helps us to grow Lighting Valley in the right direction. You are invited to call, email, visit and be a part of what we do.

Freda Ramey, Lighting Valley, Inc. Rep. . .Find us at . . .

LIghting Valley, Inc, 2439 South Victoria, Ventura, CA 93003, lightingvalley@gmail.com, 805-642-2700 or call me direct at 805-612-3181