Special End of Summer Sale for Electricians

Electricians, the end of summer is here and what better time to take advantage of sales as you wrap up a few projects and plan for the next.

With the idea of helping you, the Electrician, be well prepared for your next jobs as well as have all you’ll need complete your current projects, Lighting Valley has set aside a few key items for special pricing.

Come visit us at Lighting Valley, 2439 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura, CA for your special “Electrician Friendly” deals!  Items are . . .

Recessed cans and all the fixins’ you’ll need to get the job done right including. . .

IC Rated Cans with built in electronic transformer PLUS matching 45 degree trim AND a FREE MR 16 35 Watt Halogen!

New Construction Recessed Can PLUS matching 90 degree trim AND a FREE MR16 Halogen

Feel free to call or email at 805-642-2700 or lightingvalley@gmail.com